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How it Works:

One membership per household: 

Any member of your household comes in for a massage at least one time per month receives 20% off ALL in office appointments. You, or any member of your family can come in as many times during the month as you want, always receiving 20% off.

Every month Family Care Massage charges your debit /credit card 💳 $40.
This is not a fee, but rather a reminder to come in. The $40 is a credit toward your first appointment of the month, making your first 60 minute session of the month just $40 at the time of the appointment. Each month you pay for half of your session automatically and the other half at the time of your first appointment of the month. Any subsequent sessions are simply 20% off. Want to upgrade to 90 minutes for your first session of the month? No problem. When online booking: Select "Members-Only 60 Minute Massage" and then select the "add-on" for an additional 30 minutes. 

Roll over credit: If you miss a month, it rolls over to the next month. You must use the money toward massage. Remember that your credits may be shared with family members. Refunds are not given.

No cancellation fee after 3 consecutive months of membership. Cancellation before 3 months will result in a $60 fee.

Other great benefits include:

Unlimited gift certificates at 20% off.

Save on  ALL classes offered at FCM, too!

Additional savings opportunities for members through email/web offers.  All offers will have a special membership discount as well. Gift certificates can be used on yourself, but may not be used on your first appointment of the month. 

Ready to sign up? Book your next appointment and let your therapist know that you would like to sign up for the membership or sign up through our online booking system and your savings will start immediately!